Thursday, November 25, 2010

A trip to the Market!

When one enters a grocery store or neighborhood market, there are certain things they should expect to find. Let's see what we find in the local market just around the corner...

It looks like cheese. It's the same color as cheese. It's dimensions are perfect for the fitting between two slices of bread. This, however, is not cheese. Ok, that Brie in the corner is cheese, but it's imported. The rest are imposters posing as cheese. I shan't be fooled again!

Quail eggs? I'm not sure.

Mother's Finger? Ewwww! Sorry about the unnecessary bird flipping.

Soju! The drink of choice for anyone on a budget...or just anyone who wants to get hammered. It's cheaper than beer and has 20% to about 45% alcohol by volume (ABV) according to wikipedia. This data is also confirmed by the wicked fucking hangover I experienced on Sunday. Seriously, it's Wednesday and I can't even look at this picture without feeling guilt and regret.

And now, the feminine hygiene isle. Don't roll your eyes. I'm actually shopping here! This isn't just fun and games! I have NEEEEDS! M'kay I'm a little emotional, so I'll just get what I need and get out of here...

...but wait a second...where are the tampons? Let's see if you can find them, hmmm?

And here we have some ordinary Silkworm Pupa. SILKWORM PUPA?!

You know what my lashes could use? A little hair mascara.

Now, in theory it may seem practical and even sensible to wear one of these surgical masks during a swine flu outbreak, but Koreans wear them EVERY DAY and swine flu was so last year.

Also, the people who wear them look super fuckin' creepy.

So, did you ever find that box of tampons? Yeah, well neither could I. 
And there's a reason I couldn't find them. 

Maybe I should feel honored by the fact that there's only one box of tampons. I'm the only foreigner girl in the area. Maybe they were thinking of me specifically. Also, do Korean women only use pads? 
Cuz eww. I'm not gonna get into the whole pad thing and why I think they're gross. They just are.

*Please feel free to send pics of other weirdness in the grocery store, and maybe I'll do another installment.
*Photoshopping by Ian Lawrence

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  1. BUNDIGIIIII! GAHAHHA! agh, the smell of those haunts my sleep... i smelled them at a festival, and once i realized what the odor was, well, i never really got over it...... something so noxious about that stench. AND they're bugs.... and. they're. bugs. people. eat. ohhhh.

    once they had a contest at our yearly PSA "convention" where teachers had to race to finish an entire can. lucky for me, i'm a shlub when it comes to 'team-building', so i never ended up in the hot seat. one of the korean teachers actually threw up. no joke.