Monday, May 10, 2010

Adorable Couple

Last sunday I spent the afternoon at Seoul Photo, a photography expo showcasing mainly Korean and Japanese works. Had I not been invited by my friend Ian, a photo/film expert, I surely would have missed out on seeing some really exciting stuff. Some of it was typical still life or nature pics, which honestly bore me. More often it was strange, sexy, or thought provoking. But I have to say (probably much to Ian's chagrin) that the most moving thing I saw was not any installment in the show. It was this cute Korean couple doing something very very Korean. Now I realize that the past few posts have been pointing out negatives in the culture here, but I assure you the positives far outweigh them (dirty hands, squatters, and all). Korean girls almost always dress up, and they always have cute bags and accessories to match their tiny heels. It's very common to see a Korean man holding his girlfriend's little pink or white purse on the subway or bus, which at first I thought looked ridiculous. Now I have embraced it, and find it to be such a sweet gesture, especially after I saw this cute couple at Seoul Photo.

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