Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tales from the Dressing Room : Matching Underwear and other Korean Faux Pas

As any expat living in Seoul will tell you, shopping for clothes in Korea can be a headache. Sizes are limited in every area. For women, it's nearly impossible to find shoes above a size 8. Tall people of both sexes also get screwed. And don't even think about being fat. You thought back home you felt bad about your little spare tire? Psh! Over here you don't even have the right to cover it up! They might as well just say "Hey, fat-ass! Either put down the Toblerone or you can wrap yourself in trash bags for the remainder of your uncomfortable stay here!" By the way, they do have Toblerone's and an astonoshing number of Bakery's and Coffee Shops per capita. There's even Dunkin Donuts and (double take) fuckin' Krispy Kreme!? I have yet to uncover the secret of the skinny here, or better yet "get the skinny on the skinny" (snicker), but I will stay vigilant in snooping around until I can understand how there's so many places to buy nothing buy fatty sweets and carbohydrates but no plus size stores. It's a mystery.

So, that brings me to the video. Ah, what fun it is to go underwear shopping with your boyfriend and flirt as you pick out some sexy....wait...matching underwear sets? with fucking pink bunnies and kittens decorating his junk? Is this some kind of sick role playing or what?!

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