Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to Become A Social Outcast

Back in November Korea got angry. More specifically Korean men got angry. To narrow that down a bit more, it was the short Korean men who got the angriest. Like totally pissed. On a popular Korean talk show called "Misuda" or "Chatting with Beauties", a Korean University student was quoted saying: "I don't like short men. Height is competitiveness these days, and I think short men are losers. Men should at least be 180 cm tall." Damn, I thought when I heard this. That's rough. As you can probably imagine she became famous very quickly, and not in a good way. Online, angry little Koreans began to dissect her life. They googled the shit out of her name and got her internet ID, which led them down a path to every shallow thing she's ever said online. (We can only imagine, as they've all since been removed.) She's been stalked at her University and her closest "friends" seem to have turned against her, divulging more juicy bits. Some dude even filed a lawsuit against the network for 10 million krw for "mental distress". Now, I have been guilty of having similar conversations with my girlfriends saying things like "I prefer tall men", but never "short men are losers." That's totally different. I mean, who does this bitch think she is? Well, I'll tell you who she is. She's a loser. I know about 25 million Korean men would agree with me.


  1. i could have swore it was 170cm. Oh well. I totally suck with remembering numbers.

  2. Well, that's what this article said anyway. I'm terrible with numbers; remembering them, adding them, figuring out how much to tip. No tipping has made my life a little easier here in Korea. That said, Wow! Someone commented! It works! :D